Passport for Mac error: files can't be copied into backup disk because it is read only

My Passport for Mac gives me an error when running Time Machine:Passport for Mac error: files can’t be copied into backup disk because it is read only.


Hi. I also have this, as do other people (see my entry on 1 Jan). What OS are you running? I started to have my problems not long after I’d upgraded to Mojave. It seems that if I unmount and re-mount the drive using Disk Utility, the drive becomes writeable. Whilst this is a work-around (for me at least), it’s a pain!!

I’m getting rather frustrated, as are others. WD don’t respond to this yet more & more users seems to be getting the error. If anyone from WD is reading this, please can we have an answer!!

My MacBook Pro is running MacOs Sierra 10.12.6 This is so frustrating… thank you for the tip on the workaround, will try it.

I’m running Mojave and had the same problem. Fix is simple. Go to Disk Utility, select Unmount, and then select Mount. It has corrected the read only problem every time. This just started happening when my hub adapter began failing. I’m not sure if that’s the cause, but the timing is suspicious.

I’m having the same exact problem. If I eject the disk, unplug it, wait a couple of seconds and re-plug it in it then works fine with Time Machine.

I am having the same problem. I have ejected the disk however and re-plugged it and it still says read only. Running Mojave. Has done two backups and will not do another. Stuck in read only. Says its formatted for MAC OS.