Thumbnails for the music album not showing - why not?


I have the 1st Version of the media, with the latest version of the firmware (1.03?)

Anyway, I have a large number of music cd’s burnt onto an external hard drive, burnt by media monkey into FLAC format.

Media Monkey has placed ‘folder.jpg’ thumbnail images into each cd folder (the music is sorted by album)

When I hook the hard drive up to my media player I do not see the album cover in the folder thumbnail - just the standard WD icon. I DO see each track file within the folder has the album cover on it.

I have tried deleting WD folders on the drive. Rebooting the machine after a few minutes. Reformatting the images into ‘baseline’ jpegs. Resizing them so they are smaller. Making them smaller in terms of file size.

And still nothing works.

I know this is an old question - but can anyone help? Is this just a bug in the player?

No, it’s not a bug.   The Cover Art must be INSIDE the file, not an external folder.jpg file.

I’m not sure if WD supports Cover Art in FLAC or not.


The user’s manual specifies that WD TV supports both embedded and standalone thumbnails for music. It only supports the JPEG format. It only supports embedded imageses for .MP3 and .WMA.

It behaves differently for folders and music files. For music files it first looks for an embedded image, and if none is present it looks for an image in the same folder with the same name as the music file. This file will be displayed while browsing and playing.

For folders it looks for an embedded image first, like with files. If none is found, it looks for a file named “folder.jpg”. If it does not find that either, it will display the first image it can find in the folder.

HOWEVER: This does not seem to work in Media Library mode. You have to go to…

System settings -> Media Library -> off

…in order to see  thumbnails. And this, i believe, qualifies as a proper bug. Also, the fact that the WD TV does not display the album art instead if no individual art for a music file is found, is properly idiotic and also counts as a bug in my book.