Bad music thumbnail handling, also won't show in Media Library mode

It is bugging me (no pun intended) that the WD TV Live HDs handling of music and album art seems to defy logic.

I use firmware version 1.04.17_V.

This is currently how it works:

Folder thumbnails

  1. Look for embedded art (in the music files??)

  2. If none found, look for folder.jpg

  3. If none found display first image in folder

–The result is that the image is displayed when browsing folders. This is perfectly fine except that it only works if Media Library mode is disabled (BUG ALERT!!!).

File thumbnails

  1. Look for embedded art in music file

  2. If none found, look for .jpg file with same name as  music file. If none found, no album art while browsing songs, no art while playing songs

–The logical thing to do would be to then look for a folder thumbnail (as per above) to display so that the user does not have to have 10 similar album art files with individually tailored file names for every album in order to have art displayed while browsing and/or playing songs.

Also, I still have a hard time believing that there is no option to create a playlist on the box. What an unbelievably major oversight! - but that’s a discussion for another topic.

Take a look at the user manual on page 36 it shows you can create a playlist

BTW which WD TV Live do you own? The WDTV Live or WDTV Live PLUS