I am currently working on a secret theme I want to know how to get rid of the black box around the video icon  at the home screen. When i move it to photos the black box is there and so on. Please someone help me remove it.

WD developers decided to make the “focused” icon area not support alpha transparency (which is why you see the “black box”)
Even if you make the focused icon eg. main_videos_icon_f.png a transparent png, it will still display with no transparency.


1st Workaround: Design the focused icons eg. main_videos_icon_f.png to contain a part of background and it will blend in main background.


2nd Workaround: Removed the focused icons (done by resizing them to 1x1 pixels) which then leaves the non-focused icons to display with full transparency (but there will be no ‘pop-up’ or focus of the middle icon. The example below contains a back color focus that appears through the non-focused icons)

Here’s the focused icon (a tiny 1 pixel dot)



thanks dude the 2nd workaround works great but i wish the icon would pop