My Aeon 'ish' Home Screen Experiment (+ Info)

Aeon Inspired Home Screen Mod for the WDTV Live Hub

(Orginal Aeon Author/Design by DJH)

19 April 2011: Resolved another issue (sluggish default home navigation) + Added a ‘White’ Version

(All versions contain updated code fixes)

Download Link:

Download Link:

30 April: Might be problems with above Hotfile Links… here is an alternate d/l link

Mediafire Link: Includes both Versions:

All my modifications are built upon WD ‘Mochi’ XML’s … (which differ to XBMC XML’s.)

I used GIMP to create from ‘scratch’ small file size graphics that looked similar to the original.
(Original Aeon Xbmc Home bar is about 53k … mine is about 5k)

This Homescreen mod uses a different method to the renaming method in the

there is NO renaming (i just deleted text Labels)

Extensive testing with ‘my’ method has revealed … No “Random Reboots”.


Thanks for the info. Black box removal success. :smiley:

WOW!!! amazing work…

i love the now playing tab…on the home screen

One again you are the WD guru, great work.

Again, awesome work! Glad you finished your move and are “tinkering”  again!  Any idea when you will provide a beta of final release of a complete theme?

Thanks and regards,


What if you made the focused_bg  the same as the disabled_bg  ,

focused_bg=" image/main_files_icon_n.png" disabled_bg=" image/main_files_icon_n.png

This I assume would do the same thing.

Would it help stability since it’s not looking for a file that doesnt exist…or perhaps that fact doesn’t matter

Dunno ? but i will try your suggestion tomorrow and see what happens  :slight_smile:


I may try this when I get home from work…see what happens  :stuck_out_tongue:

If your really wanting to work on an aeon theme. I’ve downloaded and unpacked the .xbt files from XBMC Aeon. I was going to work on a theme myself, but don’t find that I have much time these days.

wow your theme is very beatiful, it`s possible to download?

This is crazy awesome.

My only (teeny tiny) criticism is that there’s no visual indicator of what you’re selecting on the home screen, other than the fact it’s centered.  Could there be some subtle indicator, like a slight change of text color or something?

umm looks like it has LOTS HubCorn v.2.0 I would even say it’s copying me, I even had me BASED AEON theme.


Hey Joey,

Is the music list view fixed in this one or are you still using your trick template? 

great work BTW, cant wait till its released

HellI3ond wrote:

umm looks like it has LOTS HubCorn v.2.0 I would even say it’s copying me, I even had me BASED AEON theme.

You’re both creating an imitation of a pre-existing theme, so the copying accusation is nonsense unless he’s used your code (which he isn’t, since you’re not sharing it yet).

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No complaints Helll3ond. I’m also working on a Aeon theme as well. I  don’t think it matters who does what first, the whole community benefits from any and all creations that are shared. Good job Joey and Helll3ond.

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I am just about to move next week myself…so i hope i get to play with this theme a little before my move if not when i come back online i certainly will.

Yes it does look like great mind think alike with all these Aeon themes, but it was bound to happen, at some point i can see us themers getting into groups to work on project togeather rather than apart as more heads are better than one.

In fact Hub themeing has moved on MASSIVELY in the last couple of months and most of us owe this to the original themers Mike (psychoTHC) and juliojs

So lets enjoy it all…

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Hell3ond everybody apreciates your efforts and everyone elses work, this is not a competition nor is it copyrighted work, blackbox removal was bound to be discovered released eventually , you wanted to keep it a surprise, somebody else did not, I dont think your work is being copied…as all work looks similar to some degree.

Congrats to everyone, keep up the good work.

All efforts are greatly appreciated

My earlier suggested method of just renaming the

focused_bg=" image/main_files_icon_f.png" to icon_n    doesnt work, still brings up blackbox., so ignore that thought.  :stuck_out_tongue:


couldn’t have said it better myself!!


Came up with a New way of achieving the Aeon ish home screen that so far after 3 hours of testing does not cause any ‘rebooting’ issues.

Couple of people are testing this for me, if reports are good … ill post some later on today :slight_smile: