The hard drive does not appear

I have a hard disk that was working well, but after it was removed from the computer and put back again, it does not want to read or do anything. It gives the command not initialized, and it does not want to convert the disk format to MBR or GBT, and it gives this command that is in the second picture.

What should I do about this problem?

Hi @Mohamedehab520,

External Drive Data Error Cyclic Redundancy Check Error Message on Windows:External Drive Data Error Cyclic Redundancy Check Error Message on Windows

Please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting:

Your hard disk encountered issues after being removed and reconnected to your computer, displaying error messages like “not initialized” and “data error (cyclic redundancy check).”
To resolve these problems, start by checking the physical connection, ensuring that the hard disk is securely connected and trying different cables or USB ports. If the disk is not initialized, use the Disk Management tool on Windows or Disk Utility on macOS to initialize it. Data recovery software can help retrieve important files before attempting further operations. Additionally, run disk diagnostic tools like “chkdsk” (Windows) or “fsck” (macOS) to assess the disk’s health. If these steps don’t work and you don’t need the data, reformatting the disk to the desired file system (MBR or GPT) may solve the issue. However, if problems persist, consult a professional data recovery software or technician for a thorough diagnosis and potential hardware repair.
Remember to back up your data before reformatting, as it erases all content on the disk.