The Best Way To Clean Up Drive

My backup drive is getting full and I see a list of folders like the examples below via Windows Explorer.  I would like to clean up the drive how do I know which ones to delete?  They don’t have any 2013 dates :(  Is it best to do so from the c:drive


Thanks in advance

Hello, I understand that the Smartware creates a volume for each computer backed up. Do you back up more than one computer on your drive? Also, the backups from Smartware are saved in a folder named wdsmartware.swstor that is on the drive. You can acces those folders and see what files you would like to dispose.  Deleting the files from the C: drive will not delete the files on the drive. Smartware is designed to back up any new files or any modified files from the computer, but is not a synchronization software, therefore it will not delete any files that you delete from the computer.

You can also try to retrieve all the files from the drive and see if you need them or not. If not, then you can delete what you do not need. If you wish to retrieve the files, below is a link from their website that has more information.