Tech help - i want a folder on my PC + MAC + Macbook Air to replicate each other seamlessly...

Hi, i’m not completely tech savvy so wondering Can anyone help me please. I work across multiple devices and what i would ideally like, is a folder like my Documents folder, that as soon as anything is saved, or edited in there, is saved into a cloud, but also when i open another device, all changes will be replicated across all the devices. I want this to all happen seamlessly so that i can transfer from one device to another and as long as i save something in the folder, it ill replicate and download to all other devices? I thought One Drive would do this but having trouble with this application.

any help or thoughts much appreciated. I subscribe to office365 so get 1tb free with onedrive

Hello marcus77,

There is a WD Discovery Sync feature in My Cloud Home but it’s a one-way sync process, PC/Mac/MacBook Air to My Cloud Home. You can sync your desktop PC/Mac data to My Cloud Home.
I would recommend using My Cloud Home web app to access all the updated or synced data from any desktop PC/Mac or MacBook Air in real time.