Is it possible to have a real time synchronized folder?


I’m currently deciding which kind of my cloud to buy , the main reason would be for me to have a folder that I can share throughout my mac devices, imac and macbook pro and also a windows one. I’m currently using microsoft one drive , Do you know if my cloud home is providing a service where a folder can be automatically shared through other devices and every modification you make inside of the folder is then modified in the other devices.
I read the tutorial but I couldnt find an answer to this question, I’m mostly interested if the sharing can take place in the background without actively synchronise manually each time.
Thank you.


the my cloud home can sync specific folders from the PC or mac to the my cloud home but it would not be able to sync a single folder to multiple machines.

The regular my cloud product like like the EX or PR series or the older single bay my cloud devices (if you can find one) support the WD Sync software which could do what you are looking for.

Oh great thanks ,
So did I explain myself properly? do you have in mind what the microsoft one drive works? you have like one folder that is commonly shared and automatically updated if any changes are made inside of the folder to any files in it.
So you can assure me that the EX Ultra /(for example) can do that right?