Swedish language support?

I wonder if you have any plans of making a Swedish menu system support?

I can make it if you want…  if so, contact me on my e-mail.


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It’s not very likely WD will add it so if you want to do it yourself check this out.

Oh my god! :slight_smile: THANKS!!!

Great idea!

I also wish a Finnish language interface.

I am a translator my self and I will translate for WD for free because I love this tiny powerhouse. :smileyvery-happy:

Please tell me there is another way than installing and unofficial B-Rad firmware?

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Not that I know of since WD has so far refused to implement community revised localization files.

That’s a pitty, it could be on “use on your own risc” … but it’s not THAT important to me.

I can live with it!

I have setup a WD TV Live for my mother-in-law (shes almost sixty) and she don’t understand english nor computers. She constantly forgets what those texts means and she keeps phoening to me.

It would be great to give the localization for her.

As we all know english is not a problem to non english speaking young people, but there are older people using these devices and those have diffuculties to get along.

I can understand that! Wonder why they don’t support most common language or the languages where this box is selling in a certant quantity…

That is probably exactly what they do, to some degree or another…  And, they probably take into account common “Second Languages,” such as in India, English being the second OFFICIAL language (Hindi being the first.)

Would be nice to know what rule they apply to support a language!

My guess would be  “is the extra sales revenue greater than the development and packaging costs?”  :wink:

Hi, I don*t know, where can I ask this?

But it is no problem for me with interface in Swedish or Danish, but I can not read swedish/danish special letter , like them: Æ,Ø,Å,Ø in the extern subtites (.srt)  with my new , 2 monthes old, WD TV Live . How I can it? Is it impossible?  Players vi can buy  in ouw shops, but can not use?

Thank you