Successfully setting up a OpenVPN and or L2TP IPsec/PSK VPN server on EX2 Ultra WD my cloud OS 5


Long story short… after many unsuccessful tries I succeed yesterday to setup a Openvpn and or L2TP/IPSec PSK VPN server on my EX2 Ultra.
I suppose this should work on other OS 5 devices but did not test.

Below are main steps I followed :

1/ Enable SSH

2/ Download & Install Entware for your device from cloudsmith repository.

3/ Enable Entware

4/ Install Softethervpn package…
4a unfortunately I was not able to install from web UI any Entware package containing a -
4b manually install package after ssh your server
5/ start softether server

6/ install softether server manager on windows

7/ Add your EX2 ultra on softether server manager

8/ Configure it by adding a virtual hub add users, setup a password and enable virtual Nat &dhcp

9/ configure IPsec/L2tp : enable L2tp over IPsec and add you pre shared key (longer thant
9 character even if you will get a warning)

10/Edit config file and manually modify in server configuration the string ListenIP by adding your NAS Lan static IP @ instead of ::

11/ reboot NAS

12/ connect your vpn client using Lan @

13/ when it works NAT udp ports 500 & 4500 to your NAS for L2TP and or 1194 for Openvpn

14/ backup your softether server config

15/ For Openvpn extract & modify client config by clicking on Openvpn setup and then sample config. Modify IP @ with your public WAN one. On androidadd “setenv CLIENT_CERT 0” if you want to avoid the “select certificate message” when connecting

Hi @marco92,

Have you opened a Support Case? If not opened, for more information, please contact the WD Technical Support team for the best assistance and troubleshooting: