How to install openvpn client on EX2 Ultra?

Trying to run openvpn client and connect to my nordvpn account. Do not see WD EX2 compatible exe to download. Wondering if anyone tried it?

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Note that you will be doing this at your own risk.

See if the following links helps.

Are you trying to connect it to an existing VPN server, or make the NAS be the VPN server.

If you have an existing VPN server, connecting the NAS is pretty easy - it already has OpenVPN installed, so you can connect the NAS as a client without doing any firmware modification. The command is openvpn.bin rather than just openvpn.

If you want to set the NAS up as a server, then you need to install customised firmware with a kernel modified to include iptables support.

First one…connecting to existing VPN server

How do I configure a .conf file w username and passwd? I do not see any config file where its going to pick up default username/passwd.

is there any VPN client with GUI that we could install on EX2 Ultra ? i would like to VPN “pptp or openvpn or any protocol” to my ipvanish subscription

seems only Synology has this normal VPN GUI feature,

thanks in advance,