Stuttering with DVR expander on 8300HD

Has anyone experienced stuttering of the audio and video playback when using the DVR expander 1TB with Cablevision’s 8300HD box? I jsut set it up this weekend but the playback of the 2 shows I recorded both had severe stuttering issues. Any suggestions?

I have had the same problem. Added a 1TB DVR Expander to my Cablevision 8300HD and have noticed quite a bit of stuttering. The stuttering isn’t limited to recordings either, as I have noticed it while watching live tv - although I imagine that is buffered anyway so it’s the same problem.

For me, the stuttering has been intermittent. Sometimes, it will be fairly frequent and others, I’ll watch an entire show without having an issue.

I also now have an issue with the box rebooting (not during late night code pushes, but during primetime) which leaves me with a five minute or so hole in any programs that were recording at that time. It also doesn’t recognize the external drive when it reboots - simply pulling the eSATA cable and putting it back in fixes that problem. I don’t know if any of this is related to the new drive but if not, it’s quite a coincidence.

I have just installed the DVR Expander last week with the 8300HD and have had the box reboot three times in one week and  it also does not  recognize  the external drive when it reboots. I also fixed the problem the same as you. I repported this to Cablevision and they are supposed to get back to me in a day or two. I also called WD and they indicted they have heard of problems with the 1TB Expander but not with the 500GB model.  They suggested I call Cablevision or switch to the 500GB Expander.