Stream music from My Cloud to Amazon Alexa


Yes, as long as folks know what they are getting into, using Amazon and Google devices are fine. I also have Kindle tablets and Fire TV sticks, but the only thing I use FireTV for is to watch movies from my NAS using MrMC (an Amazon approved app that uses a version of Kodi.) Nice app, too, and easier than actual Kodi to install; just install MrMC from their app store. We like streaming Netflix and Amazon prime better from our Roku.

Anyway, as far as I’m concerned, this issue is very solved since we all know what to do regarding streaming media.


Yes you can now. Plex can now do this! You can now say: Alexa, ask plex to play Fleetwood Mac and it will, even on devices without spotify like a fire 8 HD tablet or vobot alarm clock. It seems you do need to have your music in mp3 format only, at least trying to play flac gave me so many pauses and hickups it was unusable.


This is good to know. I have been able to get Alexa Plex skill connected to my my My Cloud and ask it to play some tracks. It says it will play them (on the Dot I am using) but there is nothing playing. What am I leaving out?

Edit: A little later I managed to use Alexa command via Echo to cause Plex to stream to my Roku, but Fire TV is not listed as a possible default player. (???)


Look at this discussion too. NAS Music Library for Bose Speakers

I have the Echo Dot and a Bose SoundTouch 10. I had to add the Bose skill on Amazon Alexa app and link them. The SoundTouch 10 has six presets so you would need to create a Playlist and then set that up on the speaker.

You may want to look at this too.


Thanks. I now have Alexa commands controlling the Alexa Plex skill in the Alexa app pretty well now so that I can, e.g., shuffle/play from any artist I ask for. I can also ask it to play a movie; all this music and video stored on My Cloud selected by voice commands. I have selected my Roku as the primary player, but even so I have to verbally tell “Plexa” to play it on the Roku. A little practice and using it will be handy at times.

Still issues getting this to work with Amazon Fire TV; same procedures as Roku, but it is not recognized as a player yet. Maybe not yet ready for prime time.