Playing music from My Cloud

I have stored all my CD music on My Cloud drive
Can I use an Amazon Echo to play the music files?

Not directly. The Echo, at least last time I checked, does not support DLNA or file access to local media servers/NAS drives. It does however access one’s online Amazon Music storage site where one has a small amount of free storage space (supposedly up to 250 songs) with additional storage space available for pay.

One can pair a Bluetooth device to the Echo to use the Echo as a Bluetooth speaker.

Ways to Listen to Music & Media on Alexa

Thank you.

I have a lot of Alexa devices, and I can play my My Cloud music on them anytime. Using my phone or tablets apps, I get the music playing and connect mobile device BT to whatever Alexa device I want to hear it on. It likely can be done using a computer BT as well.

Yep there are ways to play music from a local NAS, but the problem is one cannot do so directly. One has to use another intermediary device to do the streaming through that device to the Echo. Stupid but that’s the way the device is currently designed/programmed. They want to push the use of their online music storage service where you’d have to pay a fee to store a large amount of one’s personal music. Eventually I hope someone will figure out a way to hack the unit to bypass the need to use an intermediary device.

I am committed to the Alexa devices as I have an Echo, 4 Dots and 2 Taps (along with FireTV w/Alexa) and I hardly ever send my NAS music to any of them (other than Fire TVs), because the sound quality of Dots is pretty bad, and the other devices are poor. I have one Dot that is dedicated to my stereo so when I play things like TuneIn radio via the Dot, it’s audio out plays to and through my stereo

When I want to hear my own music from the My Cloud I connect the NAS to my network devices, such as WDTV and FireTV stick (running Kodi app that plays the music). I hear the music in it’s best fidelity this way.

BTW, anyone with Alexa devices ought to check out (and join) the oldest and most popular forum for the Amazon Echo devices at: