SSH server

Hi, I’m looking for an external disk with SSH. Is there any model of WD hard disks with it?

The My Cloud is a network attached storage device (NAS). It is not an “external disk” in the sense of a USB external hard drive. The My Cloud does offer SSH access. However, using SSH may void the My Cloud warranty.

You should read through the My Cloud User Manual ( and visit the various My Cloud websites ( and to get an idea about what features the My Cloud devices have.

Yes, sorry, my english has fault me. With external disk I wanted to say network disk.
Why do you say using SSH my void My Cloud Warranty?
I want this disk just to make a remote backup of a ubuntu server via ssh.


I indicated that using SSH “may” void the warranty, not that it “will” void the warranty. WD even states the following when one enables SSH within the My Cloud Dashboard:

Please note that modifying or attempting to modify this device outside the normal operation of the product voids your WD warranty.

By using SSH one is gaining access to the root level of the My Cloud OS. From there, as we have seen repeatedly in this subforum, people have bricked (rendered their My Cloud unusable) by performing certain SSH actions (namely an “apt-get” on the custom My Cloud firmware).

SSH login as root gives you root access to the Linux operating system running the MyCloud NAS.

root has a lot of power (“with great power comes great responsibility”…). If, logged in as root, a user enters a stupid command (such as cd /; rm -Rf *), WD are really not responsible, and the resulting dead NAS is not their fault, and therefore not a warranty issue; it’s the user’s fault. It’s like buying a new car, and then deliberately crashing it into a brick wall and then trying to claim that the car should be replaced under warranty…

One could argue that WD should not allow SSH login, but I’m happy with the compromise of allowing us root access, but saying if we do something stupid as root, it’s our fault, and our mess to sort out.