VOID of Warranty?

Honestly … who cares.

Would someone please explain why anyone should care about a warranty on a S L O W HD that masquarades as a NAS?

My experience with the MyCLoud 4TB unit to date been …

  • It never connected to the internet
  • It literally required 6 weeks to migrate 1 Terabyte of data from an aging server
  • It has now locked out all Public folders along with 3 user folders following a System Only restore
  • It no longer serves media via DNLA
  • Roughly 1 TB of data on the unit are fully inaccessible from an iPad, which does me no good whatsoever
  • It will not allow access via SSH to attempt reset of folder permissions BECAUSE USES A SUPER, DOUBLE SECRET PASSWORD that no one knows (I feel like I am watching Animal House)

In a nutshell, Western DIgital sells these devices knowing they do not work, allow users to drop data onto them knowing the data will be lost, and builds multiple firewalls into them to prevent anyone from accessing to fix any problems.

I have several very, BASIC, questions. No one seems willing/able to help.

What is the password to access the /root of this expensive paperweight via SSH?

IF anyone responds, please do not attempot impress me with IT jargon and acronyms that only IT professionals understand. I am not an IT person, just a guy who seriosuly wants NOT to flush $250 of hard-earned cash down the toilet.

IF you are kind enough to respond, similarly DO NOT assume I am a bumbling ■■■■■ because my chosen profession was biochemistry, not IT.

I expect this plea to go unanswered. Hopefully, someone who knows what is going on will walk me through how to reset user and share permissions for my data.

Either way, count me out as a future WD customer. I stopped using their drives over a decade ago for a bunch of reasons. I should not have given them another shot.

SOMEONE PLEASE answer a few basic questions about resetting user and folder permissions?

The password was given to you when you enabled SSH in the configuration.

Why I am stumped. Exactly as entered. The PW given was “welc0me”. It will not take the PW. Nor will it take the admin PW or any other PW I have set up for any users. It is almost as if someone has hijacked this thing.


I sincerely appreciate your response to my rant.


The username is not /root.   It’s just root.