Question about linux and My Cloud

Can the My Cloud share be mounted in linux?  I like what I see and am considering purchasing one but I’m concerned about redundancy.  I could buy two, or I could use my existing linux server to sync files as a periodic backup.

I see that SSH is supported.  I would like to specifically know if rsync and other protocols within SSH are supported.  I use definitely use that to backup critical parts of the My Cloud

The shares can be mounted in Linux either via CIFS (SMB) or NFS.

rsync is available via command line, but there’s limitations.

From what I can tell, it will only use SSH (instead of allowing rsh), so it enforces encryption of the data stream, which slows it down quite a bit.   And I don’t believe there’s an rsyncd, which limits rsync’s functionality further.

Thanks for the feedback.  I’m not terribly concerned about performance since the files don’t change very often.  I use ClearOS with internal storage but it’s aging and I’d like to find a new solution.

Since I’m a linux/unix geek, I’m thinking it would be cool to pair this with a raspberry pi as an ssh server to facilitate file copies among ssh-enabled devices.  At least it would be a cheap experiment.

There are no special tricks to get root access (just enable via web interface) and once in it looks like a fairly standard Debian Wheezy installation with extras. Standard disclaimer applies (void warrantee etc.) but I expect you could install any extra packages you need for your desired functionality.

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the web interface seems to have all the necessary functionality for doing setup, the instructions only refer to Windows and Mac software, no mention of using the web instead.

While clearly Linux users are not a priority it would be nice to be acknowledged, WD is definitely leveraging the communities efforts for their products (a Linux sync client would be nice too :slight_smile:

I have the same setup. 2 WD cloud drives.

One runs the rsync daemon (yes its already there and was there on the MBL drive also)

My primary WD cloud drive syncs to the other drive without the need for any intermediate server. 

As the other poster mentioned, the speed is limited. Through rsync over ssh gives about 10 MB over a gigabit network.

The method with using daemon, it can sustain 20MB/sec… which is not bad to be honest.

i have the 3TB and i would like to ask how can i see it from my linux (debian 7) box?

atux_null wrote:

i have the 3TB and i would like to ask how can i see it from my linux (debian 7) box?

Any number of ways.

  • Mount it via a network-aware file browser
  • Mount it via command line to a mountpoint using CIFS or NFS mounts
  • Add your share(s) to /etc/fstab and then do mount -a.
  • etc.