SSD Chip Swapping?

I’ve read a couple of articles over the last couple of months regarding some SSD manufacturers being “caught” switching chips and other components to lesser quality versions on some of their SSD models – without adding statements about it on the product pages oabd without lowering the price of the respective SSDs. Western Digital was listed among the manufacturers, but I have found no specific details. I was just wanting to see if anyone here knows anything about this? The WD_Black SN850 is one of the SSDs that I am interested in for use as internal storage for a PS5, but I want to be sure I am getting what I pay for! I am also strongly considering Team Group’s T-Force Cardea A440 Pro PSS White Graphene that was specifically made for the PS5, but I am still trying to research these various SSDs! Please let me know if you guys are aware of any specifics regarding chip & component swapping, particularly by Western Digital. Thank you all very much for your time!

So far the SN750 and SN850 have not been crippled, and thus they are good to get, especially considering their price to performance ratio. Just avoid ones like the SN550 which has been crippled.

PS, if on AMD, do not go with anything below the SN850 if you plan to use the chipset connected m.2 slot as the SN750 and lower have a firmware bug where the payload size drops to 128bytes from the usual 256bytes. That bug was fixed in the SN850 but everyone is still waiting for WD to push that update to the SN750 and others, but they have gone rather silent on status updates on any progress being made towards that end.

If using the direct CPU m.2 slot then all of the m.2 SSDs from WD will run at their max payload size, and thus give their full performance.