How to update my SN850 firmware on PS5?

Hello I currently purchased SN850 and understand firmware update is available via Dashboard S/W on PC. However I am going to use my drive on PS5 and found that there’s no way to update my firmware via PS5 directly.

Is there anyway to update my SN850 via PS5 directly?

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Curious to get an answer on this as well.

Also, if I update via PC, won’t I need to reformat? Once when connecting to PC, then again when put back in PS5? If reformat is needed, does the firmware “stick” or is this erased upon PS5 formatting?

I am not familiar with PS5 exactly, but drive firmware is not affected by format.

I don’t know of any way to upgrade firmware on a PS5 directly, I think you will need to connect to a PC.

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The firmware has to be updated via a PC. The PC doesn’t need to be able to read the partitions in order to update the firmware since its only concern is communicating with the controller on the SSD and not the NAND packages themselves.

One risk though is if the OS tries to write anything to the drive or make any other change that will cause the console’s DRM to freak out. I am unsure of the PS5 has such an issue though.

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