Squeezebox app mycloud 3tb

just purchased a 3tb my cloud for using as a squeezebox server

only following the instructions on here its says there should be an app install option… only there isn’t?

Can someone please advise?

Look at this and read the User Manual for your generation of My Cloud.

Thanks but the information I require isn’t there, the very reason for posting on here.

Members have posted in the past regarding using SqueezeCenter app on mycloud’s

My version of firmware is also listed on here as having the option: 2.30.165

it looks like apps are only supported for multi bay my cloud products. see the knowledge base articles below.

Thanks, its shame Western Digital don’t make this more clearer saving myself and others from wasting there money…

So you’re basically limited to what apps they decide to give you… as I noticed an itunes app appeared when updating the firmware…

Be interesting to know how others managed to achieve this

I think the limited (or no) app support is pretty clear from the user manuals. The MyCloud is not a generic Android or iOS device, with access to app stores. Neither is it a generic Linux box, where you can install Debian packages from any repository you like. It is a consumer product, using a bespoke embedded Linux to provide services.

If you are referring to this support document:


Then there is a clear list of the applicable devices at the bottom of the page.

Since you have a Gen2/v2 firmware device, there are hacks you can do to allow your device to enable the installation of apps.

Can Squeezeboxen not access a DLNA server? i.e. the Twonky DLNA server that comes built-in to the MyCloud?