Something has gone wrong ... But I do not know what

Hi All,

Im not sure if this has been answered before but Iall give it a shot since I`m not very well with IT… And techno speak so can people answer in basic terms pretty please.

Well My 500GB Ext HD was working, had no problems transferring large files from PC-laptop and vis versa but when I used the ext HD to get my files from my old PC which is running XP and I installed everything that I needed onto the drive, used the USB cables that came with the HD and plugged it into the new PC with Windows 7 … And It was not showing up for me to access,like before. It used to show up when I clicked Computer and comes up as part of my Hard Drives and all I had to do was click on it and have full access. I do not have that pleasure anymore, and if anyone can help a women who has long hair at this time … But if I can`t fix this, might be just a click of a button or something I need to do my hair will be shorter than I wish for.

It is showing up in my Computer Device  panel, and Printers and Devices but I can not do anything with it…

Can I have a Knight in Shinning Armor to help me with this problem … If It can be easily fixed then Iall be very happy and would through you a great party ... Well youall have to imagine it!!.

Thank you …



So works with old laptop xp, but not new pc Win7?

See the drive on new pc Win7, but can’t access, right?

Open Disk Management and what does it report?

Right click My Computer > Drop to Manage > Click Disk Management.

Hi Cse02

I did what you asked and I have nothing in Disk Management Section only my two main HD`s and the SD ports, It used to show up under one of the main HD drives but not anymore.

If I go into Devices & Printers. I can find the EXt HDD there but I can not access it. I am stuck, For some reason I can`t access the Ext HD or even show up in Disk Manager.

So next step anyone?


Hello Angelstorm.

Checked if there are any updates to firmware/driver (and/or WD SmartWare if your drive have that)?  ← MyBook’s (what kind is yours?)

Tried different USB-ports that are NOT on a USB-hub (back panel)?

Maybe a reformat (to NTFS of course, not FAT32) on it from the PC that works?

Did you get the “Found new hardware” message when you connected it the first time?

Is it present in “Device Manager” (Control Panel → Hardware and Sound → Device Manager) under “Disk Drives”?

If so, try to uninstall it (right click), reboot, reconnect the HD.

I have a"WD Elements Desktop" (without WD SmartWare) and a “My Passport Essential” (with WD SmartWare) myself, both working just fine… :slight_smile:

Hope those pointers could help. :slight_smile: