Ok, so I bought the external hard drive and I installed in on my mac about 2 years ago and then I never used it. Well, I decided to sell my mac and I used the external hard drive to save all my pictures and everything from my mac I need to be able to transfer it to my laptop. Well, when I plug my external hard drive into my new laptop nothing happens. I am not sure what I need to download or what I need to do but can someone please help. My resume and everything is on it and I need these things!

My model # is : WDBBEP0010BBK

Hello and welcome to the WD Community.

Please note that Mac and windows uses different file formats. As a recommendation, check online and look for a third party application that allows you to read a HFS drive on a windows computer.

The other option is to connect the drive on a Mac, take the files out of the unit and reformat the drive to make it compatible with both systems and then transfer all the information back to the drive and then to the other computer.