(Solved) My Book Live did not work on Dell Vostro v13

I got a my book live to centralize all data on my home network. It worked great on all PC’s mac and even i-phone.

I could not get it to work on my Dell Vostro v13 with Windows 7 32 bit.

I contacted Dell but they could not or did not want to help with software issues.

Problem Description:

I inserted the My Bool live CD in my exteranal DVD Drive and started the Installation process on my v13. Everything worked fine. It discovered the my book live. I clicked next and installed the quick view software. Also worked fine. Then I clicked next and “open my book live”. After a couple seconds I got a “Runtime Error Window” and Windows told me the my book live is no longer responding and needs to close. After hours of scratching my head over this this I figured out it was the Internet security system. The Vostro v13 comes pre installed with Trend Micro Internet Security and this program did not let me connect to my book live. I took the Trend Micro Software off (uninstall program in Control Panel) and installed my Norton 360 I have on the other computers. Now everything works fine.



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Addie, thank you very much for taking notice of such a small yet important detail and sharing your experience with the WD Community.