So slow with large libraries

I have a really large digital movie (500+) & music (42000+) library I keep on 4TB My Book. I have even more movies/music files on Passports. I connected them to the small WD TV box to manage & play the files. It took over an hour for it to find all the files. Moving through the file database was even worse, so slow. There was no way to change the categories that made the sorting faster. every time I turned it off ending my use, I knew I would go through it all over again when I wanted to watch more… so I gave up on the device. What I’m looking for is a way to manage all these files better. I’d like to put them all in one place that is backed up. Plus it would be nice for everyone in the family to have access to this library. I looked at the My Cloud but, at 3TB it’s too small.  I know my library will only get bigger.  Maybe I’m I need to get one of those 16TB Small Business Servers? That way I can use the power of my laptops CPU to do all the searching and managing. Anyone got a better idea?


When you were using the WDTV, did you had the media library on? If not, try that since it will be faster to go through the files once it does the initial reading.