Media library

Hi. How can I find information for the entire folder and not separately for each file. For example in the folder “spongebob” 43 files and shows all information separately, navigation becomes very slow. You can search for entire folder ?

Hello there,

If you go to options of the whole folder you wont get the option to get info, however if the folder is on the media library, media information should get there automatically.

Well, but that doesn’t make sense for one season show information separately for each file. And why in this case, the navigation in the folder very slow

cattus wrote:

And why in this case, the navigation in the folder very slow

this is why

If WD knows, why is not correct?. Not very nice :frowning:

We just need a new WD box with modern hardware and this kind of thing won’t matter anymore. The current WD players are a dinosaur hardware wise compaired to the rest of the market, so the bigger thumb size slow them down. It will be nice one day when WD releases a modern box without these limitations due to old underpowered hardware.

Once they do… take my money lol

lol :smileyvery-happy:  because only a few people have complained about it …

so it’s obviously not a huge issue that needs fixing  (but, i think it does)

anyways … using 3rd party media scarper software avoids the issue

what is media scarper software?

cattus wrote:

what is media scarper software?

oops :dizzy_face:  typo :wink:

“Media Scraper” software … eg ThumbgenWDTVHubGen etc etc

They already TOOK my money.  This product isn’t ready for primetime.  Believe me, they won’t get any more of my money.  I’m writing this off as a near-total loss.  Thankfully it was under $100 or I’d be pretty upset.