So, how DO you back up a mac?

Since it seems to be pretty clear that Time Machine does not work with the MyCloud MIrror, and I have been unable to make SuperDuper work, how exactly do we back up to this MyCloud??

I would be very grateful if anyone has any useful suggestions. Thanks.


This drive does work with Time Machine backups.

Take a look at page #110 of the User’s manual

I can tell you my solution. I gave up. I got so frustrated at Time Machine not working. We both know that regardless of what any manual or any person says, TIME MACHINE DOES NOT WORK WITH MY CLOUD. PERIOD.
I don’t care whose fault it is. It doesn’t work.
There are other backup programs that are recommended but I finally just accepted that I will use Superduper with a hard drive attached to my mac by usb. I am quite disappointed but I imagine you are too.
Someone needs to stop saying that TM works with MC.
Now all the people can chime in and say that it DOES work…