Slow speeds on shuttle XL 24tb windows PC


Wondering if anyone can help me. I’m running a gigabtye x99 sli editing system with thunderbolt 3. 1080ti graphics.

I’m getting very slow transfer speeds to and from an internal ssd in my computer. To and from the red minimag reader to the shuttle, as well as from and to an external samsung t5 ssd.

From the red minimag it starts off around 400MB/s but only sustains this for a few seconds and immediately reduces to hover around 165 MB/s.

Transferring to/from an internal SSD is a similar situation, except the average was lower. Around 115MB/s.

External SSD wasnt much different.

Pretty sure current drivers are all installed. It works and has run reliably for months. But I am not getting the transfer or performance speed that is advertised.

I was hopong it was an issue with my editing station but when I ran it on my Dell Alienware r4 I encountered almost the exact same results.

Ita formatted NTFS raid 5. 6 4tb drives

Any advice / help is much appreciated.


Make sure there is nothing running in the Background Activities tab int he G-Speed Software Utility.

Did you leave the unit set as RAID5 like it was out of the box?

Try using some drive speed test software like AJA system test to see what #s you get from there.


Thanks for the response Rydia,
What should I potentially be looking for running in the background in software utility?

It’s set to RAID 5 but I reformatted it to NTFS for PC. Does it need to be EXFAT?

I’ll check out the AJA system test and see how I go.