Sustained write speed of G-Speed Shuttle SSD?

The product web page for the G-Tech G-Speed Shuttle SSD only quotes “transfer speeds of up to 2800MB/s”.

Are there any more accurate read and write sustained (real world) transfer speeds available?

Specifics are:

Connect G-Speed Shuttle 16TB SSD via Thunderbolt 3 to iMac Pro.
Softron Movie Recorder 4 ingest software running on iMac Pro to record x8 1080 50p SDI video channels into ProRes 422 video files (35MB/s) and x1 UHD 50p SDI channel into ProRes 422 video file (140MB/s) to the G-Speed Shuttle.

So worse case scenario is sustained writing of 420MB/s (x9 different growing files) for 5-6 hours solid.

Also, reading some of those files in an NLE (FCPX or Premiere Pro CC).

On paper the G-Speed Shuttle SSD should handle this without breaking a sweat, but as no write / read specs have been published I thought I’d check.

The unit will get up to 2800 at max possible rates if set as RAID0, out of the box it will be RAID5 but you will still get over 2000MB/S easily.