Slow down writing speed of SSD green 240 GB

my ssd is SSD green 240 GB
Before I tried the Windows method and it was completely empty, I took a test and the result was as follows:
And this test was very good until Windows installed the method and the result was the same as before, but the writing speed was terrible, the result after installing Windows was as follows:
After seeing this result, I felt that it might be related to Windows, and I removed Windows completely, cleaned the SSD, and took a test. The speed was very good as before, but I tested again by just putting a file in an empty SSD without Windows, and the test was bad. Yes, and this is very strange to me, I also took a health test and it shows 96%, I also set the ssd format to GPT because I wanted to install Windows on uefi, please guide me, where does the problem really come from ??!!!

As much as love WD Hard Drives over the years … their SSD’s are not up to par with the competition

I’m not too technical when it comes to SSD’s … but with no DRAM Cache and terrible reviews, i would never buy one.

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Thank you
Yes, you are right If I choose again, I will definitely choose an SSD with DRAM, but for this SSD, the writing speed of 40 MB is really low. I don’t think the effect of DRAM is that much!
Is my SSD broken?