Shut down schedule WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra


WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra, its the new mirror type, so when i program it to shut down in the schedule, will the drive shut down if im using it.

For example, im streaming a movie at 2am to 3am and the drive is programmed to shut down at 2am.

Will it wait until nothing is accessing it then shut down?

Right now ive just changed it to shut down at 2 to 8 in two time select, its been re booted, ive logged out and right now its 6.33am and so far all leds are still on. Schedual is every day

No use at all, when shut down cannot wake, unless use wifi power socket to turn power off and on ?


Hello John_Eley,

Yes, the My Cloud Mirror device will shut down as per the power schedule configuration.

In order to wake the drive, You can use WD Quick View to wake up the system.