Shut down schedule WD My Cloud EX2 Ultra

sorry im lost in this forum

Hello John_Eley,

Yes, the My Cloud Mirror device will shut down as per the power schedule configuration.

In order to wake the drive, You can use WD Quick View to wake up the system.

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sorry, im lost in this forum, i uploaded a photo showing the black dots for the schedule, but i cant find it, instead i seam to sort of get the answer in this old post.

can you tell me what happened to the photo i uploaded last night or night before of the configure on the schedule.

if you use the schedule to shut a drive down, you cannot wake it with wd extra, it does not have the wake up in its menus

please clarify this old post, ill keep looking for the new post, i click my photo and view anything tgat looks correct, that’s how im here, but this is an old post and no photo

its as bad as trying to work out how the schedule works :sweat_smile:

i wonder were that new post went

ok i found it, i guess everyone’s on holiday , so no reply

cant get use to this rubbish forum script, want me to install php snd php my sql then can install a good script

no charge, free, as it would help people a lot

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