My Cloud EX2 Remotely Turn on?

I’ve had a search of the forum, and I cant find an answer to this one; so…

I have an EX2 with the power schedule active. Is there a way I can turn it back on remotely while it is inside the time period that the schedule says it should be off?

I’m big on the power saving; but occasionaly I need to access something while I’m away from home. 



You are not alone in this… 

I haven’t tried this yet, but on the manual pag 74 it says:

Power Schedule

The Power Schedule allows you to schedule shutdowns

for your WD My Cloud EX2 device.

  1. To enable Power Schedu

le, click the toggle button


  1. Click



  1. Use the slider bar to configure the start and stop times for

your device.

  1. Click

to shut down the

device for 24-hours.

  1. Click




You can use WD Quick View to wake up the system. For

information and to download this app go to WD’s online

Learning Center.