Should I have gone with another My Cloud device vs My Cloud HOME?

Would it be better to get another My Cloud device instead of the Home I recently purchased?

I recently ran out of space on my 2T My Cloud, so I purchased a 4T My Cloud Home.
Transferring over the network was slow, so I switched to downloading files from my My Cloud to a small external/USB (WD Passport) then uploading those to the new My Cloud HOME by plugging the USB directly into My Cloud HOME.

The files transferred much more quickly, which made me happy. However, random folders/files are missing/didn’t upload.

I either need to go through 2T worth of folders and files to determine which files didn’t transfer, and then move them one by one, or I’m wondering if I should have gone with a different My Cloud device to begin with.

I have a small digital marketing company, but am not well versed in networking. I watched a few Youtube videos that showed people using FTPs etc. to transfer files, but I was looking for a simpler option that is also reliable. Does that exist within the WD family of products? I just need an external on which to store files that I can access remotely.

The goal is to transfer all the files from the now full 2T My Cloud to the new device in a reasonable amount of time with confidence that all of the files transferred.

Thanks for any insight!

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You did know you can expand the storage capacity of a WD My Cloud by plugging a External Hard Drive into the USB port on the back on the WD My Cloud ?

I have a 4TB USB Portable (USB Bus Powered) plugged into my 3TB WD My Cloud bringing the total capacity to 7TB.

Would have been a lot less trouble then purchasing a My Cloud “Home” (which i wouldn’t buy in a fit)