Share subfolders?


is it possible to share subfolders with other local MyCloud users? I’m not talking about the sharing function to send someone a link via e-mail. I want other users to be able to see / edit just certain subfolders within one folder, possibly also to enable subfolders for upnp/dlna.


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You cannot assign user access at any level below a Share. the admin user can assign users access rights to any other share; see the user manual, or the Dashboard Help.

DLNA does not respect access controls (a DLNA feature), so any media share enabled for media streaming will be visible to all via DLNA.

okay, thanks for the info - I already figured that… I added a suggestion for a new feature.

The ability to control user permissions on subfolders within a Share has long been a feature that’s been requested. Here is one Cloud Ideas thread I made back in late 2015 on this issue: