Setup users and folders and/for FTP

Hello. I am trying to get FTP to work. I can connect to the drive using SSH and also FTP to the drive Also using SSH however the standard FTP access does not work, this means setting up or connecting using other user accounts is not possible. From testing the vsftpd server is running on port 21, i have also port forwarded all the ports on the router and on the drive its self (using iptables) and its user_list and vsftpd.conf all look ok. not sure what the problem is.

I am also looking to set up user accounts for the FTP connection, also i want them to default to a root folder which was set up for their shares. Examples below

User Name ------ Root Folder
AceScottie ------- AceScottie
--------------------- College
MamAndDad---- mamanddad
Business--------- Webservers
--------------------- Database

Also i would like all of them to be able to access the Public folder.
I’m OK using SSH to configure it just need information on the files and what exactly FTP server it is running (name of the FTP server installed in the firmware)


I haven’t try this yet.

Let’s see if any of the users can share some information with you about it.

i did find some information, The FTP server is vsftpd and it runs on port 21 and uses the user_list file for its users, however there are no passwords mentioned and its using the same user list as the NAS GUI.

Im looking into it more however there seems to be a problem with the connections being refused on the FTP port while stil allowing access through sftp on the SSH port (22).