Setting up two PR4100

I am going to set up two PR4100. One will be the main that I will access all the time the second will be a back and may be accessed only from the local network it will be tied to. I would like to set these all up at m,y home even though the back up PR4100 will be located offsite in my office. What steps do I have to go thru to do this at home and then move one to my office?

Hi Andiamo,

Please refer to the link given below in order to know how to setup PR4100 at your home and office. Stepls would be same for both the locations.

Thanks Alex that was very helpful. My desk issue is how to manage the integration of 4 computers. I have separate computers at each location that I have been using. Each computer will have a file folder with the same name for example “house”. The files in those folders are a mixture of same names but different versions, different names, same names and same versions etc. I thought I would sync all the computers into different shares and then create a consolidated share that I could move files in to. My objective is to have all computers with the same folders and files. Can you suggest a way to do this?

Thank you,

John Holmes

Hi Andiamo,

This could be best explained over the call, so you should try contacting WD’s Technical Support about this.