Setting up Storage - New to all of this

I have started with two 3TB disks and therefore have two slots empty. What I want to do is to backup photo’s by having a them on one drive and a copy on a second drive in case of failure. When I run out of space to buy two more and do the same. So I went for RAID 1. Everything was fine until I loaded about 6GB of photo’s - it showed the cloud as only having 10MB left!! I have been in contact with support but not got an answer about the space issue.

So I reset and then went for the first option starts with J. I now can now see the full storage, however, I can’t see how to take a copy on the second disk. I don’t understand some of the terms so not sure I am doing the right thing for what I want to do.

Can someone please advise the best set up for what I want to do - as above.

It seems like you need to refer to the complete user manual found on the drive, or downloadable from WD Support. Using the device without doing that is unadvisable.

As far as your particular needs go, I cannot help since I use my device as RAID 1, but if I wanted to do things differently, I would check the sections of the manual that explains all this.

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