Setting up a Netgear WNCE2001

Hello comunitiy.

While searching the net for some information on connecting the NETGEAR WNCE2001 to my WDTV Live i found this forum.

By now my WDTV is connected to the network by an USB-WLAN-Stick. I have some issues with this combination. It takes up to 3/4 attempts to connect to the network. After the connection is established everything works fine.

I am thinking of changing my setup to a NETGEAR WNCE2001 to avoid these “problems”. But i am confused on how to set it up properly. Do i have to “store” the connection information (like WPA-Key, etc.) in the Netgear? Or is it enough to have these data (as it already is) stored to my WDTV an just plug the Netgear in??  How does it work??

Thanks for reading and replying…


Once the connection has been established with the new adapter there is no need to re-enter the info 

just plug in and follow the steps for the initial setup

Thanks for your reply.

With initial setup you mean the “WPS-Buttons” on the device and the router, right??

Unfortnatly my router doesn´t have such a button, so i have to store the needed informations first

with my PC into the Netgear. And then just plug it in to the WDTVLive. I will test it as soon as my

Netgear arrives.

Thank you.