Server DLNA

I apologize. Due to time the translation was done with google translator

Good morning everyone. I am a happy owner of a WD Live TV Hub for about a month and I am very pleased with his versatility.

Very happy that read almost all video formats, with the huge advantage of being able to transfer my entire collection of DVDs, just ripped the video folder and moving ts, or iso file directly, all at a remarkable speed, as I wi-fi, I can not hope to turn jig, as for now the software does not allow it.

Now I would love to use the DLNA feature, because every time I read the movie cn tab galaxy or galaxy s.

I state first of all that at home I connected the WD to a wired router is connected to the same router lan.Allo cn a PC and I connect using Wi-Fi with the rest of the equipment.

Now, being completely empty stomach of the DLNA, I’d like to know how to configure the server to take advantage of fle audio / video content in the Wd Hdd.

Ex: I wish I could see that movie, but the TV is busy, I take my cell or the tab and I can catch them in tranuqillamente Wd live TV and enjoy the hub of my mkv portable device compatibility.

Thank in advance anyone who wants to give me a solution…

You’ll have to access the configuration page by typing thenameyougaveyourhub:9000 or theipaddressofyourhub:9000 so you can open Twonky, then set the streaming parameters and permissions as you see fit. Just remember that using DLNA your SGS and SGT will only play what they and the Twonky server both support.