Question about the DLNA streming

Hi Guys,

I don`t mean to re hash this if its already been talked about so, if so I apoligze in advance, but I would like to get some clarity on this.

I just picked up the WD TV Live and realized that the Live hub had the DLNA “server” support., so I could stream to my DLNA TV’s in the house.

I mentioned this to a friend who brought up an excellent question which I need to get an answer to before I confirm which one to get.

I have 2 Samsung LED TV’s (1 upstairs and 1 Downstairs), both with DLNA. I also just picked up a WD 4Tb my book USB 3.0 external hardrive, which will be plugged into the hub.

With the DLNA Media Center Server feature, and with my external drive pluged into the hub via usb, can I stream the contents of that 4TB external hardrive, to any of the DLNA TV’s on the network, or does that featire only apply to the contents of the 1TB internal drive on the unit itself?

I obviously am trying to creating a very simple media server setup, which I can slowly expand later.

I also am trying to keep it a simple setup as I intend to take the hub and “media server” to my cabin, at the lake (only the one TV), and leave it up there for the summer, only to bring it home for the winter and with my 2 tv home setup watch movies on either tv.

I dont have allot of room at the cabin, so I cant do the computer media server thing, and I am trying to keep a simple and consistent setup for both places, taking advantage of the second tv at home in the winer.

Any help is greatly apreciated,



Apologies, this isnt quite a direct answer … but,

I have a Panasonic Smart TV with DLNA it see’s the WDTV Live Hub’s Internal HDD and an External USB Drive through the TVs Media Server with no problems. :smiley:

" Local" is the WDTV Live Hub’s internal HDD

" USB2" is my attached 1TB Elements SE HDD connected to the Live Hub

So in theory … it should also work with a Samsung DLNA TV ?

(For Playing Media, it depends on what file formats your TV supports: Check the Manual)

Hi Joey,

Thanks for the pic and the reply.

So you can stream media off of your usb external then, It sounds, like it would be good start.

So in order to expand what the file formats can play, could I then down the road by, a WD Live, as well as plug that in to the other tv that isn`t connet directly to the hub. So 1 Live hub and 1 Live, and that other TV will now be able to see the WD Live and stream all the formats, through DLNA, off of the USB hardrive connected to the Live Hub, in the other room?

So you would just need 1 live hub for media Center featurre and any other tv after that would just get a WD Live Box.

If I understand this right,

Again Thanks for the reply.


Just tested my old WDTV Live (Gen1) connected to WDTV Live Hub (via powerline ethernet) with an External Usb HDD attached.

Selecting “Network Share” or “Media Shares” on the WDTV Live(Gen1) it is able to see and play media from the WDTV Live Hub’s Internal and also the External attached drive.

So basically this setup is not relying on the TV’s DLNA Media Server because the 2 WD’s are Networked to each other.

So, wrapping up … either way will/should work

Thanks again Joey,

I really apreciate you pulling out the other unit and trying that for me.

So you still will need 1 hub at least for the “media server” feature, right, you wouldn`t be able to do that with 2 live tv’s.

Not to say I would want to run tv live anyweys, as far as I know the Hub is allot faster and smoother, but at least I know that I can save the money and only by 1.

A friend of mine mentioned the A-400 from cloud medua that just came out, and although I like the outputs of the box, with esata connections ans usb 3.0 looks like their still having problems with it, so it looks like the hub is the better choice for now.

Again thanks for the help, just hopefully now, my local store brigng it in for me, (long story)…LOL

Thanks again,


Hi again,

I just picked up the tv live hub, did the whole thing and, although I can see the hub, by selecting  the DLNA source on the tv that is connected to the hub, I don`t see it using the dlna source option on the T.V source, which is the main reason I spent the $80 to get it in the first place.

Should I be to acess the external drive plugged intp the hub upstrairs on my TV downstairs through the DLNA decices?, other wise i might be going back to the other unit.

i also noicing some artifacts on older video files, which I dont belive I saw on the TV live, dont know if theirs some upscaling issues on the latest firmware or not.

Regardless I would like to get this DLNA figured out,

again any help is greatly apreciated,



How “exactly” do you have your hub hooked up ?

How “exactly” is everything TV1, TV2, HUB connected to the Network ?

provide as much detailed information as you possibly can.

also $80 for a WDTV Live Hub is dirt cheap … does it have an internal hdd or is a ebay *used special* ?

Hey Joey,

Sorry I was playing around with it yesterday, and did finally get it working.

All of my tv;s are on eithernet, and networked togeather. The TV upstairs which is where I testing everythhing, and is both the external drive and the hub is, is connected via the HDMI.

BTW when I talked to about the $80, that was the difference between the TV Live and the Hub.

I think you are right though, after the summer I will have to get another TV Live, as DNLA off the tv not useable at all.

Pictures music maybe yes but not video. It  has a problem pulling the files in, and doed not show the folder system at all properly or in useable way.

The picture quality I can say I can blame it on the WD, as it could be the TV. its has allot of featiures such as backlight and black level and other features which go beyond the explanations of a basic calibration disk.

There is a couple of  things, I wish. though from the WD which I may post in another thread.

The option, of a 16 by 9 as well as the normal and wide screen, would be great option.

Also the ability to add your own JPG to the folder icons, would be a great thought,. That way you can add your own, bklue ray logo, to your sub folder marked blue Ray’s, or action. Instead of seing that black folder icon, would be nice to have your own, to bring it inline with everything else.

Again thanks for the help, Hopfully I will keep playing with this and figure this out,

Thanks again for all of your help,


The option, of a 16 by 9 as well as the normal and wide screen, would be great option.


When you set “Widescreen” in the settings … that’s “16:9”

Also the ability to add your own JPG to the folder icons


Of course you can add your own folder icons/images



I’m happy to confirm that it will actually work the way you want!

I have also 2 Samsung TVs, one in the living room and the other in the bedroom.

The hub is connected to the home LAN network and DLNA server is running, sharing whichever folders you desire; internal and external drives are identified and contents are shared.

I’m using and external WD drive for music and the internal for movies; no problem.

One thing that might be important, is that subtitels are not supported. The DLNA server is a ‘primitive’ edition and can stream only one file at a time. That’s a big problem for me…