Samsung TV will not Play Files over the Intranet That it Plays on my USB Thumb Drive

After looking into this problem and thinking it was a problem with the codex that my TWO Samsung TVs support I found it not to be the case.

It would play some file formats but not the one that I have been using for the last several years on my iTouch.

They would play on the TV if I punt them on a USB drive or played them with with my WD TV Live or WD TV Live Hub.

But they would not play when I used the DLNA feature to stream this MP4 format to my TWO Samsung TVs.

I had convinced my self that the problem was with the TV.

One of my NAS drives decided it wasn’t going to work any longer so I replaced it with a “Seagate - FreeAgent®: GoFlex™ Home 2TB External Ethernet Network Storage System”

Imagine my surprise when the file format that I was having trouble with would now play.

So now I’m thinking that it has to do with the DATA transfer rate of the NAS drives that I have including my WD TV Live Hub.

Has any one figured out how to get the WD TV Live Hub to Stream faster?

The Samsung TVs are very fussy about what they’ll play over DLNA compared to USB and the media server used is critical. For instance media that won’t play from Twonky Server 6.0.1 will play with 6.0.30. If you read the Samsung forums and various DLNA forums you’ll see that this is a well known problem with the Samsung TVs.

It is likely that your Seagate has either a different DLNA server, or a newer version of the same DLNA server (Twonky) as the WD. Certainly I found that I needed (on my PC) to upgrade Twonky to be able to play all my media.

How do I determine what rev DLNA server is on my WD TV Live Hub and my Seagate Goflex Home?

Has WD upgraded it’s DLNA server on any of the firmware updates they have sent out?

Should I expect if I wait for a future update that it will some day work?


David C Reussow

I don’t think a Twonky upgrade will accomplish much.

A FULL install of TwonkyServer on a PC will TRANSCODE to whatever the TV expects.   

Transcoding is DISABLE on the Live Hub, so it’s not going to do it anyway.