Securty access, how safe is my data


I just got a MyCloud Mirror 2x2 tb and it works great.
I installed the myCloud app on my phone and I was surprised that I could access my cloud while I wasn’t home.
This made me wonder: is my data secure? How secure is it? Is there somekind of firewall on the myCloud?
I didn’t open or forward any ports on my router, so how is it possible for the app to access my cloud?
I have tested it by deleting something and it really got deleted.


The MyCloud app is designed to allow remote access to your files. It is a secure connection to your drive through your phone. It is working as designed.

I’m not saying anything about that it is broken of some kind.
I just want to know if my data is safe and unreachable by anyone else.

Yes it is, provided you don’t share your credentials with the world or lose your phone.

When you set it up, there was part that was done on the MCM itself. The MCM requests port opening to your router (via UPNP) so you will find that the relevant ports are open and redirected, but access is restricted via the username and password that you set up for your account.

It’s routing via WD’s servers so that there is a static reference point for everything, which of course is another link in the chain that could potentially be compromised, although that’s under control of WD and they’re not exactly a small unknown fly-by-night company. It is possible to set up direct access if you want via WebDAV without using any WD apps or servers, but that’s a little more complicated.

But for most users, using the WD server route is simple and convenient, and nothing should be stored on their servers anyway except details for the login/access routing (no files are stored there).