MyCloud and security

When the NAS is connected to the MyCloud server, our data is really secure? Or someone can access from remote?

No one can access the drive remotely unless you grant them access to your My Cloud.

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Ok, thank you.

Does MyCloud have robust defenses against password breaker software?  I have seen this software work on local files and according to articles (e.g., the software can work over a network.  Defenses I have seen that might be effective are 1) the authentication features like the “Captcha” the WD Community uses to keep non-persons from signing in and 2) limits on the number of failed login attempts permitted before lockdown and the sending of a notice to the administrator.  I see no evidence of either of these approaches in the user interfaces I have seen to the MyCloud or the User Manual when Remote Access is turned ON.  I do see something similar to “Captcha” in the user interface when Remote Access is tuned OFF. 

 There a plenty of unpatched security bugs that have been reported to WD and remain unpatched for months now… if you want more security in MyCloud, demand it from WD.