Security on local network on folders

Hey Guys!

I have a problem…

I’ve just completed my setup on my ‘‘MyCloud’’ HDD.

The problem is that… everyone on my home network can acces my files/pictures and so on…

I’m using it in an apartment block where everyone is on the same network and at the moment, all my stuff is open to all my neighbors so watch.

Can i get a code on my folders/shares? Even if we are on same network?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

As the admin user, you will have a user account, and an associated share (it will have the same name as your Username). You can add a password to that user account (a very good idea if you’re all on the same network).

In addition, you can create Private Shares, and restrict access rights to your user account.

For the file server, you can put all your data in one of these Private shares, not the Public share. You cannot disable access to the Public share, so anyone could write to it, or read from it; not a good situation.

For the DLNA media server, I’m afraid DLNA ignores access rights, and allows anyone with network access to stream whatever media the server finds. So you will have to turn off the DLNA media server.

You can still access your media with media tools that access the file server (Kodi will do this, as will PC-based music tools such as MediaMonkey and MusicBee).

Depending on the network configuration in your apartment block, you may be able to create a local sub-network within you apartment, using a router. You might then be able to use the router to prevent your neighbours accessing your sub-network. I’d ask your apartment management or data provider for assistance with this; it doesn’t seem an unreasonable thing to want to do… If you can do this, it would avoid the problems I mentioned above.

It will probably be a good idea to download and read the User Manual, if you haven’t already.

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Have you read the embedded My Cloud Dashboard Help or download and read the My Cloud User Manual (

Both have sections/chapters that explain how to create Users and configure Shares (and all their contents) to Private. Once a Share has been configured to private you then assign each User account access permissions (read only, read write, no access). One set to Private one will need to enter a password (created through the User section on the My Cloud Dashboard) to access the Private Share.

Note, the single bay/single drive My Cloud units do not support restricting access to specific subfolders within a Share. Its an all or nothing affair with the Share’s contents.

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Don’t put anything in the public folder , that will always be available to anyone , unfortunately anyone on the same network will always be able to read/write to your public folder

I am not 100% sure , but you MAY be able to remove the public share to stop this.

Create new shares and under the share profile , make sure the ‘public access’ is toggled OFF.

Assign Read/Write access to your user , when you now access the now private shares you should be asked for a login.

There are a number of past discussions detailing various ways to handle the fact that WD won’t let the end user set the main Public Share to Private. Its been requested long ago in the Cloud Ideas subforum to enable setting the Public Share to Private but its been ignored by WD.

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