Delete Public Share Folder or Restrict Access

Lords of WD, why is forbidden this option? Do you will add more options for delete, disable share folders… in the next firmware?

And, give us the possibility to change the name of resources that are created too?


I second this motion to add support for read only mode for the included Public share and the option for read only on all other public shares. Not something that should be outside the realms of possibility scince it was on the 1st mybook world edition.

I want the option to restrict access to PUBLIC enabled …

Really hope this will be implemented

I do agree to the issue with the “Public Share access”

I should control all aspects of a device that I have purchased.

Whats next? A default administrative password that can’t be changed?

WD makes a desicion NOT to buy the product almost easy by implementing such nonsense?

I do not want to pay so that Fred Pickel has a place to store his file, Fred should buy his own Sh*t

So WD, do something about it …

I do agree to the issue with the “Public Share access”

WD, we all waiting for the next frimware with this option enabled…!

Anche io vorrei che si potesse limitare il guest account in modalità read only, per un cloud di famiglia sarebbe basilare questo… non tutti possono avere un account ristretto in casa perche non tutti si interessano di informatica, vorrebbero solo accedere ai file condivisi senza user e password (guest) da qualsiasi terminale senza poter cancellare niente.

io la vedo come una grandissima mancanza da parte della sezione software della WD… non c’è nemmeno una guida seria su come aggirare il problema via terminale agendo sul samba server e sull’account guest… 

I also wish that you could limit the guest account in read only mode, for a cloud of this family would be basic … not everyone can have a restricted account at home because not all are interested in computer science, would only access the shared files without user and password (guest) from any terminal without being able to delete anything.

I see it as a huge failure on the part of the software section of WD … there is not even a serious guide on how to work around the problem via the terminal by pressing the samba server and guest account …