Searching for Strategy for Ransomware Recovery

I just read the documentation for my new My Passport drive and utilities. I couldn’t find what I was looking for so I’m reaching out to the community.

I’m hoping to find advice/guidance/examples on how to create:

  1. an image that can be used to restore my system in the event or a ransomware attack.
  2. a backup and recovery plan that can restore individual files to the state they were in before a ransomware attack.

Does this already exist somewhere? If so, can someone point me in the right direction please?

I’ve used many backup programs- the best in my opinion is Macrium Reflect. It now can protect from Ransomeware. You can download a free version with a few features not in it: It’s worth paying for it though because then you have full access to its community forum. I’ve accessed their forum many times- with almost instant responses from real experts. The software is very dependable and relatively user friendly. I suggest don’t use backup software that comes with drives. It’s always stripped down and you’ll have trouble getting support.

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Hey @brucebogart,

The two best software compatible with My Passport External storage drive would be WD Backup (for the regular incremental backup) and Windows inbuilt backup utility File History.
Click on the links below in for the instructions to Setup the backup software. FYI both the backup software are free of cost. :

WD Backup for Windows OS -Click Here

File History Backup configuration - Click Here
After the scheduled backups I will suggest you to disconnect the drive from the computer, by any chance if your system gets infected by the ransomware,it will also affect the connected external USB or Network storage devices. So make sure to keep if disconnected if the software is not backing up to the drive.

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Much thanks to JoeZ and Cyber_dragoon for their very fast replies and helpful pointers!

I’m still exploring all the capabilities of both Macrium Reflect and Win10 File History. Both appear to be excellent solutions for creating and restoring point-in-time backups. Macrium has additional features and options such as the ability to create and maintain multiple generations of full/incremental/differential backups.

Thanks again JoeZ and Cyber_dragoon!