How do I know if My Passport external drive has backed up all my data?

I have just installed My Passport external drive as a replacement for Time Machine external drive which packed up after the last back-up after I went on holiday & shut the computer down.

My Passport for Mac was recommended to me as a replacement external drive back-up but I cannot see how I can view if back-ups are succesful or how I could restore my data if ever need.


What backup software did you use to backup your data?

I always backed-up to Time Machine external drive, which I could view back-ups easily, & this is what packed up while I was away.
I was advised by a Mac expert, rather than try to repair Time Machine (3 years old) it would be best to buy a new external drive to back-up to. I went into PC world & they sold me My Passport for Mac as a replacement. This I have installed but I do not understand if it is backing-up ?? yes, I’m no techie person so find this all very confusing.


Well, you have to start time machine backup and select the drive as the target for the backup.

Take a look at this link for instructions.

Thank you for your reply. In fact a little while ago Time Machine opened up & said it couldn’t back up, as before, so I turned it off & then selected My Passport as the new drive & it appears now to be backing-up but seems I then have to turn Time Machine back on. Doesn’t all make sense to me but so long as it’s working & I have a back-up its good.
Thank you.

Had notification it has backed up my files! Relief!!