SD card not recognized? This helped for me!

So I bought the WD MyPassport Wireless Pro a while ago before I went on a 3 week trip to japan. My planning was to record during the day with my GoPro and offload my footage in the evening to MyPassport. Long story short, this didn’t work out as planned at all. I used my friends older version of MyPassport to offload through the whole trip. At home I couldnt fix it either. Bought all the supported items blablabla nothing worked. I spend ages on different stuff to get this thing working, but nothing really worked so I ended up with an OTG usb stick plugged into my phone that transfers the data on the microSD straight over wifi to the hdd. It would take ages and it was horrible. Now I found a topic here which I can’t find anymore about timezones and I tried a few things and the following workaround works!

Put your phone or whatever device you are using in a different timezone. I tend to stick to Los Angeles and New York timezone. Connect to the webinterface while you are in a different timezone and you will see the time change in the bottom right of the home screen. The time displayed should be the same as the timezone that your device currently has. Now plugin your SD card, microsd with adapter or whatever and it should recognize it now! If it still doesn’t recognize, keep repeating previous steps and changing to a different timezone untill one works.

If this works for you aswell, please leave a comment! :slight_smile:

I just experienced this issue. Altering the time on my computer made the WD recognize my SD card. Thanks for the tip. I had to adjust by one hour - maybe daylight savings related? I’ll have to remember to check the TZ setting on my camera next time I use it.

SD cards are prone to corruption, accidental formatting or damage, leading to loss of all the stored photos, videos, and audio files in both Windows and Mac. If not handled properly, it might lead you to a permanent data loss situation in which the SD card recovery gets difficult.

In this case, the SD card might be corrupted & that’s why you’re unable to access the same. You can try using below fixes to resolve the issue:

  1. Connect SD card to another device
  2. Try CHKDSK command
  3. Assign a new drive letter to your SD card
  4. Format SD card
  5. Reinstall the driver

However, if any of the above doesn’t work then I suggest you to try any data recovery software to recover data from the corrupted SD card.

Hope it will help.