Scheduled NAS to USB Backups

Hey Guys, Newbie here…
So I have the My Cloud Ex2 Ultra and am having some issues:

Firstly- I want to be able to upload large files remotely, so far I am unable to though.
I have tried both locally and remotely, but in both cases the upload begins and doesn’t show any sign of uploading (no progress bar) and after hours still displays nothing. This has been done via the My Cloud web interface. Is there a better way?
As one of my main uses is remote access I was wondering what the best settings for this situation are?
Or program? My Sync?
–Key being processing large data a couple of Gb to 100’s of Gb at a time…

Second- I have had the system set up to RAID 1, but want to expand my storage to use both drives (RAID 2? 5?). However, since this would mean loosing a back up I am looking to find the best way to create Scheduled NAS to USB Backups.
Also, I would like to make sure that only the new files are copied and in a way that doesn’t corrupt the Backup in case of a virus or such.
Not sure if that makes sense (Newbie here) but through this I want a second Copy of the data on my Ex2 Ultra that can’t get damaged through a backup Job of the damaged My Cloud.
I know this would still mean a single point of failure, hence I am also considering a remote backup as a third Copy. Thoughts are appreciated on this.

Thanks for sticking with me and I hope to find an answer soon.

Hey eti,

For the first issue you can check the following articles:

For the second issue, you can create a Safe-point backup but according to me RAID 1 would be safest solution for not loosing the data. I suggest you to contact WD Support to get the best solution for this issue.
However you can check the following links as to get some help.

For the second one:

I can suggest you hashbackup. You can backup both locally and remotly - (webdav, ssh servers etc). Currently it is free but I don’t know when it is going to be priced.

You need to figure out scheduling things with ‘cron’ or something else.


Hi Clara44,

thank you very much for the reply.
The first Issue is in fact with, however MyCloud seems to have deleted the Progress Bar of the uploads… Thus I am unable to see how the upload is going.
Small files upload just file (also without the progress bar), just not large files <700mb.
I m guessing it has something to do with the settings for the NAS. Any ideas?
I wish WD would bring back the progress bar as this makes waiting easier when you can see the progress being made…

Secondly, the “Safepoints” now “Backups” (for some weird reason) no longer include the Scheduled recurrence option. The only option is to have it backup whenever the USB drive gets connected… As I do not wish to regularly plug my drive in, but simply leave it connected to the NAS, this is no option for me.
It is obviously possible to schedule a Backup, so why has WD removed this simple but very useful option!
I wish there was some way to have WD return this option to the My Cloud series.

Thanks for the advice though.

Hi mkilicar,

Thank you for the suggestion! I checked it out and it tells me it is unavailable for the EU. Do you have experience with this?

Alternatively I was thinking if it is possible to use ‘cron’ to schedule the NAS to USB Backups from WD to execute on a regular timeframe.
Does anyone have experience wit this?