Samsung tv can't see all files on wd my cloud

Altso my english is not the best…i am danish so …

This FAQ might help you set up the Twonky DLNA media server better. But be aware that it is for the Gen1/v4 firmware basic MyCloud, not the EX2 Ultra, which, if it is a recent purchase, is likely to be running the more recent Gen2/v2 firmware.

I would put the media somewhere other than Public; the default ‘Shared’ locations seem to cause me problems, and you cannot prevent other people modifying the files. Create a Share to put your media in, and only give yourself write permissions.

Then make sure Media Sharing is enabled on that Share, and the Media Server is enabled.

Use the Twonky UI (at port 9000 of you mycloud: :9000) to set the media receiver type; this will tell Twonky what media formats your media players (e.g. TV) can accept.

Thanks for helping.
i solgt the wd my cloude and got me an Netgear (again ) …wupty — all works!

Just wounder why WD not get fixed that problem, i read a lot off that problem on the net and on the German chat side. There are many who have that same problem.
Anyway … Thanks for helping…

( if somebody ask me about the WD … you know what i will say to them - )